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Homeowners Checklist

For best results, be sure to go through this list before having photos or video taken of your home.

Print & Check off the list


Turn every single light ON - all lamps and overhead lighting

Make sure all fixtures are working properly with bulbs

Closets, tidy with nicely hung clothing;

Floors cleared

Open all window and door covers; let all the natural light in

Remove broken decorations

Refrigerator, free of; magnets, kids’ drawings fingerprints Hide Exposed power cords

Bedrooms, beds made, tidy Turn OFF Ceiling fans

Computers (screens) Televisions Hide remote controls

Clean all windows, glass, counters – Coffeemakers (etc.)

Dust everything

Hide - out of sight

Towels on towel bars Trashcans

Add, or remove, artwork

Cleaning supplies

Remove toilet covers


Remove rugs


Turn every single light ON

All light fixtures work properly

Prune trees, foliage Grass, freshly cut and raked Pool, clean, clear water

Hide - out of sight:

Trash cans, Lawn equipment

Clean, Swept, & Dry Driveways – (including in pool areas) Sidewalks, Patios, Decks, Staircases

Staging List | General

Vehicles: Driveways clear, No parking in front of the home

Garage - if being photographed

No vehicles, Clean, de-cluttered, Floors cleared

Pets - try to hide all signs of pets.

cage, food bowls, toys

All other pets out of sight

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